Haters Can Be Haters

This go out to all those haters who are hating.

This go out to all those haters who are hating.

Have you had anyone judge you?

    Do they look you up and down?

Do they question what you wear and how you look?

If you answer yes to all of the above questions then you have haters.

Haters are people who is jealous, one who player hates, and who criticizes something you might wear or have.

Haters can be hater that what they all say! But do you know how the people who are being hate on feel. Some people loves their haters. I don’t seem why but they are say “Haters are my motivators” but are they really.

To me haters are also backstabbers. They grin all in your face but when you turn they in someone else face talking about you.

“Um, She thought that she was all that today”…..

“She ask me if I like her shirt today and I said yes, but that shirt  look like something a grandmother will drag out the closet….”

“Ow, I love them shoes, not…..”

Do you see what I’m talking about now?

Haters believe that they are better than everyone but they are not. We all are create equally. Yeah, some of us have health issue.  They may have a different color then you are someone else. Some may not look appealing to you. But it is not an excuse for you to criticize people on their looks.

But the main question is: Have you been hated on?

Tell me your experiences….

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