Picture of the Day

By: Devian Tart

By: Devian Tart

I pick this as the picture of the day because it remind me that there will always be a challenge coming toward us.  Although you might be the only one in the world there is still something to come your way. Either if it is good or bad. A stormy day or a sunny day. The main thing is to not let it over take you but fight back and you will succeed.

Ay, trouble might come your way. But  the good out weigh the bad. The picture also portray the trouble of life.

Sometimes life is tough and things go wrong,


But you can’t give up, you have to be strong.


You have to accept what life throws in your face,


You don’t always have to be number one in the race.



Often something happens and it’s too hard to bear,


Sometimes you feel your life is going nowhere,


When everyone burdens you with problems not your own,


Keep your chin up; know that you’re not alone.




Nothing can ever be accomplished without faith,


For if you believe it won’t happen, you’re digging you’re grave.


And if you think that everyone has forgotten your name,


Remember a million other people feel the same.



Sunshine will come after the rain,


Rainbows will help ease the pain.


When you’re sick of it and you’ve had enough,


Think about it, when there’s a big down, there’s always a bigger up.


The journey ahead has many obstacles to pass,


It doesn’t matter if you come last.


But you have to remember; you know it’s true,


Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.” – Unknown


By lexusthesweetheart

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